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: Coffee Specialist

Job Success Profile
Position Level: Employee
Job Family: Generating Demand Sub Job Family: Sales
Job and Job ID: Coffee Specialist BTQ Job Groupings: Boutique
Region / Market / Country: Position Dimensions / Scope
Location: Enter Dimensions / scope
e.g. Net Proceeds of Sales (NPS): Number of Units or Factories:
Budget :
Number of direct subordinates / indirect subordinates: Business or Product categories
Company: Nestlé Nespresso
Department: BTQ
Position Title: Coffee Specialist BTQ
Direct Report to: Boutique Manager/Floor Manager
Indirect Report to: National Boutique Manager
Date (updated or modified): 20/07/2015 Version Number:
Main Purpose of Job
Act as an ambassador for the Nespresso brand in the Boutique.
Welcome, advise and guide a clientele in compliance with the quality standards defined in the Nespresso service offering.

Key Outputs: List the main results which the job must deliver in order to achieve its purpose. Measurements / Performance Indicators
Boutique set up:
Contribute to the maintenance of the boutique appearance according to company policy (well-ordered, correct equipment, properly presented).
• Prepared to take ownership of Accountabilities and Champion roles in support of he boutique and business focus

Customer Experience:
Welcome the Boutique clientele and identify their needs.
• Advise both prospects and Club members on Nespresso products and services.
• Initiate Club members to the art of coffee tasting and develop their curiosity about our full range of products.
• Maintain a pro-active approach towards the customers.
• Carry out an initial analysis of machine breakdowns reported by customers to orient them as effectively as possible towards the after sales service.
• Maximise the sale of all the Nespresso products presented in the Boutique (coffee, machines and accessories)

• Mystery shopper results
• Service Performance to customers
• Customer Voice Survey results.
• Accuracy of Visual Merchandising
• # of N pass distribution
• # of customers equipped with N Pass using it
• Boutique checks (4x Year)

Boutique Operations:

• Carry out sales of Nespresso products presented in the Boutique (coffee, machines and accessories).
• Contribute to achieve individual and boutique targets
• Feel comfortable with upselling, cross selling (commercial focus)
• Be up to date with Sales Guidance
• Cash checks (if used in the country), enter payments made by credit cards, check the correspondence of sums received with the orders and send all to the accounting department.
• Manage the cash till; update the status in Excel and correct cash till errors.
• Check payments in accordance with the defined procedure.
• Inscribe new Boutique customers, open their account, present the Boutique and Club services, and assist them in their selection during their first purchase.
• Actively manage the database on a daily basis and permanently update customer records.
• Contribution to overall Boutique results.
• Average Basket Size
• PE targets
• Compliance with the quality standard and internal procedures for reception of customers and cashing receipts.
• Cash management accuracy/ error rates
• CRM database accuracy
Comply with all safety and health related corporate policies
• Ensure that the different areas in the Boutique are in accordance with the international guidelines
• Ensure safe working conditions
• SHE KPIs (e.g. Safety reports)
• Boutique Audit T&Q (1x year) • Quality KPIs
• Respect for internal procedures and directives
Key Relationships Internal to Nestlé Group: (shared / conflicting interests) Key Relationships External to Nestlé Group (shared / conflicting interests)
Nespresso Local Market:
CRC, B2B, Service, Marketing, Supplier Chain, TQM Business Partner, HR Business Partner, IT

Nestlé local market: • HR Department
Key Experiences:
What experiences are key to success in this job?
Knowledge: Nestlé Corporate/ Functional / Market / Business/ Organizational
What specific organizational information should the incumbent have to be effective in their role?
Secondary school minimum

Proven track record in direct customer sales
1. Core knowledge of the 10 Principles and expert knowledge in our areas of responsibility. (mandatory - do not remove or change)
• Knowledge of Nespresso Boutique guidelines and processes • Knowledge in quality & safety management (NQMS) • Knowledge of local cash management regulations • Knowledge of Nespresso stock and inventory management
• Aware of Nestlé and Nespresso Corporate Business Principles • Knowledge of Nespresso organization and structure
Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
Nestlé Leadership Framework
These are the leadership behaviours required as defined by the
position level of the role
Functional Competencies
These are the core functional competencies and the appropriate skill level
that is required to be effective in the role
Understand The Business Environment:
Understands team goals and company business drivers
• Sees how personal contribution impacts the business
• Takes action based on understanding of customer and consumer needs
• Actively questions to learn about the business in order to make appropriate decisions
• Understands the impact of our operations on the community
• Participates in activities within the community
Competency Skill Level
Customer knowledge 4. Can do alone
Demonstration and Presentation Skills 4. Can do alone
Results Focus:
• Achieves results in compliance with the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles
• Shows a drive to achieve ambitious performance objectives and quality standards
• Plans and prioritises work effectively
• Takes every opportunity to do more than expected
• Doesn’t hesitate to act
• Pursues goals with energy and drives through to completion
• Takes ownership and accountability for delivering expected results (what and how)
Excellence in execution
Problem identification and solving
4. Can do alone
Use of Nessoft 4. Can do alone
Cash Management 4. Can do alone
Practice What You Preach:
Takes responsibility for own actions and consequences
• Shows consistency in words and actions
• Lives the Nestlé values and principles
• Acts with the organisation’s reputation and best interest in mind
• Interacts with integrity and honesty
• Admits mistakes
Safety & Quality Management 4. Can do alone
Proactive Cooperation:
• Gains the trust and support of others
• Is prepared to make compromises to achieve the group objectives
• Actively contributes ideas, energy and the desire to succeed as a team
• Influences without authority
• Is interested in and listens attentively to the ideas of others
• Works through disagreements without damaging relationships
Know Yourself:
• Actively seeks feedback from others
• Creates and executes personal development plans
• Takes every opportunity to learn and grow
• Learns from successes and mistakes
• Is resourceful in pursuing learning objectives
• Has high personal self-awareness – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limits
Other Personal Qualities
Other personal attributes not reflected in the NLF that will enable success
• Embrace Nestlé/Nespresso values- Strong ethics and integrity
• Passion for our products
• Self driven
• Punctual
• Politeness
• Attention to detail
• Stress resilient
• Ability to multi-task
• Willingness to work with challenging hours: evening shifts, Saturday or Sunday shifts
• Expertise in oral communication for each type of customer (open minded, listening, understanding of the customer’s needs and capture customer’s interest)
• Anticipates future problems and works to minimise or prevent them
• Tackles new problems, breaks new ground and
develops contingency plans
• Initiates and contributes to innovation and
continuous improvement
• Is open minded towards new and different ways of doing things
• Constructively challenges the “why” and asks “why not”
• Acts decisively and proactively

How To Apply

E-mail your CV and covering letter to

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