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Easy wedding hair tutorial

Here’s our step-by-step guide for the perfect braid

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We’ve got a serious case of wedding fever courtesy of Harry and Meghan, so here’s how to create a really pretty but simple wedding hairstyle, whether you’re saying ‘I do’ or watching from the pews. And the best part? It takes just 10 minutes. To save time on the big day, wash and blow dry your hair the night before. Remember, hair care is important so protect your locks by applying some heat defense spray before drying.

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Firstly, if you want to add some curls to the front of your hairdo, leave two strands around the front of your face to style later. Then, take a section of your hair at the crown, lift it up and backcomb from just above the root in a downward motion toward your scalp. Work your way from the crown to halfway down your head, before gently brushing. Next, use the comb to roughly part your hair down the middle, from the front to the nape of your neck. Tip: to create volume but avoid unwanted frizz, backcomb on the underneath, and not on the top the hair.

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Take a section of hair in front and split into three strands. Starting at the ear, begin to braid your hair. As you work your way down, draw in more hair to create a one-sided French braid. Secure with an elastic band at the bottom. Apply hairspray directly to the hair and use a comb to gently smooth over any flyaway strands. Repeat the process on the other side, so you end up with two braids either side of your head. Tip: don’t worry if your braids are a little uneven, you will disguise this in the next step.

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Take one of your braids and place the end of it at the opposite ear, then pin in place using bobby pins. Secure the rest of the braid by positioning the pins in the creases along the braid, close to the head and following the hair direction. Take the other braid and place under the first one, securing with more bobby pins. To hide the ends, tuck them underneath the braids and secure. Tip: always position your pins with the wavy side against your head for a stronger grip.

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If you left those front strands down, now’s the time to curl them. Don’t forget to add hairspray to keep them bouncy. To add some volume to your up-do, gently tug at some of the hair above the braids to loosen before spraying the whole hairstyle with hairspray. If you’re the bride, finish your look with some precious gems; for bridesmaids, add some delicate flowers. Ta-da! You’re ready for the occasion. Tip: when adding accessories, choose small and delicate pieces that won’t weigh down your do. Place them along the top of the braid so that they stay in place.

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