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Introducing our new BioWhale

As part of Westquay’s commitment to sustainability, all restaurants in Westquay South will be converting to a new system for food waste disposal, BioWhale.

We have a unique technology which ensures that 100% of the centre’s food waste will be recycled into renewable energy through a process called anaerobic digestion.

Why have we installed this system?
Traditionally, most food waste is sent to landfill which emits harmful greenhouse gases, such as methane and frequent waste collections contribute to pollution from truck movements on the road.

Food waste is now kept in one vacuum container, which is only collected when it is full. This is then transported to anaerobic digestion plants where 100% is recycled into useful products, such as:
• Renewable energy in the form of gas and electricity
• Organic fertilisers for farms

This is a huge environmental benefit. Food waste will now heat and power homes in the UK.

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