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Westquay is part of the 'safer places scheme'

Did you know Westquay is part of the 'Safer Places Scheme', which is part of the wider 'Respect me' campaign, which aims to improve the experience of disabled people in the community. Despite several recent well publicised cases, some disabled people are still victims of bullying and harrassment when they go out. Often, this leaves them feeling very vulnerable and afraid. We have joined the 'Safer Places Scheme' in order to provide our customers with a Safe Place to go, where help and trusted carers can be called. So what makes Westquay a 'Safer place' ? Us offering our support to someone who may have a negative experience, when out and about in their local community means that that person can enter the premises and receive the help needed by a trusted person or if need be even the Police! Westquay is somewhere you can wait for your trusted person or the Police to arrive.

To be able to use Westquay as a 'Safer Place' you are invited to complete a card, which we will recognise. This card will give your name and the number of someone, who you trust and want to be contacted in such a situation. To get your card please visit your local Police or phone 023 8083 4854

This map shows all the Safer Places in Southampton and it is updated regularly.

The Safer Place scheme was launched by Southampton City Council in partnership with Hampshire County Council, Southampton Learning Disability Partnership Board and Hampshire Constabulary.

It is open to anyone who feels vulnerable when they are out in the city. Westquay are proud to be part of this scheme.

Safer Places Scheme Official Website: