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Positive Picks

The Big Positive WIN

The team here at WestQuay have been out and about, looking for products that have something positive about them.  Every thing they’ve found will be on display at The Big Positive Weekend.  Each product has something positive about it, it might be made from recycled materials, they may be paraben free, they could help you save energy and so much more…

Find out more about how to drive positive change through the things that you buy and the places that you eat.

Plus, find out what your purchasing choices say about you – are you an early adopter or just behind the curve when it comes to using your consumer power.  Enter the survey to win everything that is in our Positive Picks display, that’s one Big Positive Prize. 

If you have five, we would love to know what kind of consumer you are. You can complete a quick survey for us here.

Our Positive Picks include:

Fat Face Bright Floral Scarf £19.50
Why it’s one of our positive picks... 
We like that Fat Face has set up it’s own foundation.  The Fat Face Foundation works with organisations and charities that help people to actively enjoy the outdoors and respect the environments we play in. So whether it is Mountain, Beach, Ocean or Land they help people to clean and protect it and make it more accessible for people who believe "life is out there".

Leather Saddle Bag £68.00
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
We wanted to recognise that in 2011, FatFace was awarded the "Achiever" status by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), which included the creation of the "Supplier Fitness Guide" which is issued to all their suppliers to define the standards that they and FatFace should expect from each other. 

Pandora Bag Charm £35
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
Pandora’s ethical policy covers there 10 principles defined by the United Nations Global Compact and they are fully aligned with the more than 100 provisions of the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Code of Practices defining honest and responsible business practices within the jewellery value chain.

The Body Shop £91 

Hemp Hand Protector, Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil, Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion, Rainforest Moisture Shampoo, All-in-one BB Cream, Mango Body Butter, Nutriganics: Drops of Youth. 
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
The Body Shop supports Community Fair Trade (CFT).  The Mango Body Butter in our hamper contains CFT cocoa butter harvested by the Kuapokokoo Co-operative; the Peppermint Foot Lotion contains CFT Peppermint Oil from the UK; Hemp Hand Protector contains CFT hemp seed oil from the UK and CFT beeswax from Cameroon.  
The Body Shop has too many other positives to fit on this label so find out more here

Remarkable - Available at Paperchase
Ruler and Pencils – Only £3
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
The rulers are made from biodegradable corn starch rather than plastic.  Their pencils are made from UK recycled CD cases and everything is supplied in recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.  Remarkable are truly trying to close the loop when it coms to recycling and the use of recycled content in new products.  Find our more.

Hotel Chocolat
Why it’s one of our positive picks... 
Their Engaged Ethics programme, looking to make life as a cocoa farmer truly sustainable.  Hotel Chocolat guarantee to buy the farmer’s whole crop, so they can invest in their farm with confidence.  A tasty little bite of positive chocolat!

Tortilla – Voucher for a week of free burritos 
£ depends what you normally spend on lunch! 
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
Tortilla serve only grass-fed beef and higher welfare pork and chicken.  They source organic products wherever possible to minimise pesticides and the use of other harmful practices. They are also working on minimising “food miles” – the number of miles that their supplies travel to get to their stores.

Timberland £65 Men's Earthkeepers® Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxford 
Why it’s one of our positive picks... 
They are made of 100% organic washed cotton canvas, with 100% organic cotton laces and the foot bed is made of natural latex (as opposed to synthetic latex, made from plastic polymers). 

White Stuff Women’s Spot Dotty Flip Flop £12
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
All profits from this product go to the White Stuff Foundation, which supports disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. Find out more!

Gucci Chime for Change Sleeved Gucci Perfume, available at The Fragrance Shop 
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
For every 50ml or above sleeved GUCCI Fragrance sold at The Fragrance Shop, GUCCI will donate £3 to Chime for Change projects.  Chime for Change, founded by GUCCI, is a global campaign to raise funds and awareness for women and girls empowerment all over the world.  You even get to select which project you want the £3 donation to fund.  What's more, for every transaction made at The Fragrance Shop, 5p is donated to children's charity, Rays of Sunshine, with over £250,000 raised to date. 

Micro + Electricity Monitor OWL (available at John Lewis) £29.95 
Why it’s one of our positive picks... 
This wireless electricity monitor keeps you updated at all times about the levels of energy you are using. It shows you the energy used, the cost and and greenhouse gas produced. Plus, it’s sleek and modern and is easy to use.  Can find more.

Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial Ecoballs, 1000 washes, EcoZone (available at John Lewis) £19.95

Why it’s one of our positive picks...
Ecoballs offer a natural, eco-friendly way of cleaning your clothes. No harsh chemicals and they operate on a 30°c cycle, helping you to wash at low temperatures, saving you money on electricity and water bills. They are reusable for up to 1000 washes.  Plus, hey are not tested on animals, are BUAV and Vegan Society approved.

Roberts Solar DAB 2 Digital Radio (available at John Lewis) £64.99. 
Why it’s one of our positive picks...
The ROBERTS SolarDAB 2 uses the sun as a power socket, letting you enjoy digital radio wherever you are. It also tops up a rechargeable battery while playing, which kicks in when the sun goes down or things get gloomy. Reassuringly, a mains adaptor is provided for when the sun really doesn’t want to come out and play, but when it does, this is a great sustainable option. Find out more.


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