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How To Give Your Workwear Wardrobe A 2020 Refresh

Image by: New Look

From monochrome florals to the power of smart layering, this is how to make your new year work style a resolution everyone can keep. 

You know the whole ‘new year, new you’ saying? Well, we never really gelled with that motto. To be honest, a better motto is: ‘new year, better you’. Because we like the current ‘us’, we just want to improve on it! When thinking about all the ways to improve, we find that while it’s useful to create concrete goals that are quantifiably achievable, it’s also important to set conceptual goals, ones that you can subtly work into your daily disposition. For instance, feeling more motivated at work, or upping your style game. Thankfully, it’s possible to do both of these simultaneously, on account of the feeling of being more fashionable at work is directly correlated to being more motivated too! Based on the personal studies we’ve done ourselves, of course...

Whether or not these fit with the actual resolutions you made for 2020, it’s safe to say that chic new clothes for the office is a goal we all can get on board with. But wearing the same shirt and trousers each day can make your routine feel mundane, so in the new year, why not give your smart wardrobe a makeover?

If you’re ready to turn over a leaf in 2020, and make your wardrobe achieve all your style resolutions, this is how to do it.

1. Incorporate new colours into the corporate world

It’s scientifically proven that colours can affect our mood, so in order to feel lively it makes sense to wear colours that reflect an aura of vivaciousness, but of course in a way that’s work appropriate. Just incorporating a butter yellow or a bright azure blue can do wonders for your mood, not to mention how it will benefit your style and overall presence.

2. Layer layer layer

Aside from the many style advantages that come with layering your winter worker in 2020, it’s also an easy way to diversify your wardrobe and sustainably lengthen it’s wear-life. For example, essential styling tops like roll neck jumpers and shirts can be layered around in many ways to extend your work wardrobe. By simply wearing a roll neck underneath a shirt for example, or wearing under a jumpsuit or dress, it can seriously add some longevity and interest to your looks.

3. Work hard, play hard - with patterns

We all know that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and that proverb holds true for our choices in pattern. Checks and stripes are patterns that can easily be incorporated into workwear, but also patterns like subtle florals and animal print are also great ways that you can add a little action into your clothing.