Another school year has quickly been and gone, and the kids seem to be growing up faster than ever these days! After a lush summer holiday including quality family time and sunny getaways, it’s finally time to bring ourselves back to reality and get the children all set and ready to head off to the classroom. But a brand-new year of different classes, teachers and sometimes even classmates is daunting for anyone, so it’s best to get them extra prepared so they can go through those doors feeling confident, which is where we come in.

When it comes to buying the absolute essentials that any kid needs in their backpack, we know about it all. From their first scientific calculator and protractors to a new and cool, jealous-worthy backpack as they head from primary to secondary school, we have boiled it down to these top schooltime pieces that will get them ready for their big first day. Some brand new, white socks are a must, all the way to a cool black shoe that they won’t be told off for by passing teachers. Whilst they may be nervous about heading back to class, you can reassure them that they’re totally ready with these top items they definitely won’t be leaving the house without!