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The Best Kids' Halloween Costumes For Trick Or Treating

Image by: Haley Phelps

Whether they dream of becoming Spiderman or adore Toy Story’s Little Bo Peep, treat your little one to their favourite Halloween costumes from West Quay. 

Spooky season has finally arrived! As much as we love this time of year - the pumpkins, the costumes, the excuse for a good scare - there is always someone who loves Halloween even more than us. Who could we be referring to? The kids, of course! And what’s not to love? After all, trick or treating is an absolute joy to do - even if we don’t quite reap the rewards like they do!

Nonetheless, it’s always a rewarding experience to take your little one about, knocking on door dressed in their freaky finest. Their excitement towards the abundance of sweets and getting to walk around in their costume is always a precious thing to witness, but getting them prepped with a look they’ll love in advance can prove difficult when running to a busy schedule. That’s why, to help you get your boy or girl into their new favourite creepy costume, we’ve made an edit of all the best affordable Halloween costumes that kids are absolutely LOVING this year.

So, what are some good Halloween costumes for kids in 2019? Unsurprisingly, despite the occasion, they’re not all scary! From Disney princesses to superheroes and other fantasy characters, the options are seemingly endless this year - but which one will you choose?

Scroll on to find the best costumes for your little monsters to trick or treat in this Halloween at West Quay now.  


If your child is already a full-blown Disney lover, or they just adore the glamorous fantasy look that comes with being a princess, these royal costumes will exceed their expectations. Choose from all the classic princesses like Cinderella and Jasmine, to some of the newcomers like Moana! Whichever they pick, just be sure to practice your Disney soundtrack karaoke before the big dress-up day comes. 


It’s safe to say that every child has dreamt of being a superhero. Well, soon they can live it for a day! Dress them up as the Black Panther or go for a Spiderman or Spider Girl costume, because what is a greater reward for saving the day than being rewarded lots of sweeties?

TV/ Movie Characters

Whether your child is a self-proclaimed Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, they’ll undoubtedly love the Harry Potter fancy dress. Or, if they’re more of a Sci-fi lover they’ll obsess over this Darth Vader costume (Parents dressing as Leia or Hans is definitely encouraged!)