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The Top Men's Streetwear Trends To Copy For 2019

Image by: FatFace

From punk leather themes to outdoors-inspired apparel, these are 3 of the best men’s streetwear trends to wear this season. 

It’s common knowledge that pretty much every man can wear a suit and rock it. The refined tailoring, the classic fit… as long as you’ve worn the right size and fit for your body, you’re golden. However, the real test of whether or not you can truly dress requires you to go beyond the safety nets of tuxedos and suits. The true way to challenge your fashion ability is to conquer the world of street style. 

If you’re not already up on what street style is, don’t worry! It’s not hard to catch up. All it takes is a little more observation - and reading the rest of this edit. Street style is all around us, either literally on the street or, more-so these days, on our social media, with tonnes of male fashion bloggers and influencers to look out for. Think the latest trainer drops and the coolest sportswear labels, all rounded off with trending designer accessories.  

We’ve put together three of the biggest streetwear trends we’ve seen across menswear for 2019, and some great options for to style them yourself. 

Oversized Vintage Fits

We don’t know how it happened but suddenly dressing like how your dad would have back in the day is now the cool thing to do. Wearing more loose fitting denim from the skinny jeans that used to rule the scene, and a relaxed t-shirt or jumper you can tuck into those trousers is the way we do things now. And don’t forget to have a belt on display, and make sure your footwear is a pair of dad-like trainers, we love the Nike Tekno to fit the bill.

Punk Comeback

Black and leather are back in a big way. So it’s only right we put the two together for 2019. It’s a golden rule of fashion that a black leather jacket will always look cool. But, for looking extra cool, wear a black mesh shirt with a pair of black corduroy trousers for a contrast in texture, and pair that with - you guessed it - black leather boots. Throw on a small silver chunky chain for an understated accessory and you’ve ready to head out and cause anarchy. 

Hiking Gear

With Supreme being what is probably considered the leader of street style culture, their collaboration with The North Face is the biggest stamp of approval on outdoors gear within the street style world. Taking the Northern California look even further, we’re loving the look of your choice of rugged jeans with a pair of hiking boots, and a sweatshirt on top. Along with a fisherman beanie hat, to help you cosy up for the cold walks in the hills - or to the high street.