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5 Savvy Space Saving Buys For Small Homes

From collapsible hampers to cleber wall hangers, these are the best room-saving solutions for a small and beloved space. Available to buy now from West Quay.

Whether independent renters, first time buyers or long-term homeowners, many of us sacrifice a little space in our home to save on money. But anyone who lives in a compact but cute home knows that the conditions are perfectly manageable, as long as you know how to save space. For example, a chest of drawers can be made redundant if you can find easy ways to store things efficiently in your wardrobe. But, we get that it might not be so easy to plan ahead when it comes to optimising your interior.

From the planning to the execution - how do you know how to save space when you don’t know what to use? That’s where we can help. We’ve put together an edit of the best buys for saving room in a way that doesn’t intrude in your space, but also doesn’t make your space look tacky or function inefficiently - because no one wants a clunky stack of storage boxes crowding up your domestic walking paths when you’re in a rush. These buys are so helpful, even the rigorous planners and organisers will have something to take away from it. So get to organising - spring is coming and you best be early for the infamous cleaning!

Mutli-Purpose Side Tables

Never underestimate the power of a drawer.

Storage Solutions

Store boxes underneath a bed, use them as a decorative side table or, sit on your storage as the ultimate multi-purpose footstool.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Really, having your full-length mirror on the wall rather than stand-alone can make a huge difference in saving space.

Wanna hang?

Have an array of random bags, necklaces and other tid-bits you don't know where to put? Rather than having them clog up space on your dresser, hang them up.w