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The Best Lego Gifts For Children 2019 - From Lego Print Bedding To Play Sets For All Ages

Image by: Lego

Year in, year out, Lego makes the absolute best Christmas present for children. If you want the lowdown on which Lego sets or merch to get for the kids, you've come to the right place. Here's the best pieces to pick up at Westquay now. 

Lego is a timeless classic of a toy. It shaped so many of our childhood playtimes and continues to be an integral part of it for children now. It's versatile as it can be played individually, with a sibling, or in a big group of friends and still be a barrel of laughs. There is an insane amount of lego to choose from, for all ranges and for whatever you're into, whether that be an easy-to-build train for toddlers or a technically challenging Star Wars space ship. Plus, lego is loved by every gender so shopping for it is a breeze! There's really something for everyone.

In an era where children are being drawn more and more to screens, whether it be iPads, YouTube, laptops or the TV, it's good to encourage them to take a break from the digital world and stay in touch with their own creativity. Researchers praise toys such as Lego for their capacity to expand children's imaginations which is a key part of their emotional development growing up!

If you're looking to get something Lego themed for that little munchkin in your life, take a look at Westquay's favourite festive picks below for all ages and interests!

1. Best Lego For Toddlers

Lego is the best way to encourage your child's emotional development and a great distraction from any tablet, phone or television screens. Your toddler will learn lot's from using basic lego such as this mini tropical island - a perfect way to calm their excitement this Christmas! We love this sizeable safari scene - perfect for ages 2 and up.


2. Best Lego For Children

Lego has some brilliant collaborations with film and tv franchises that older children will love. Often replicating movie sets or creating characters, this is an engaging Lego style that takes a little longer to construct and requires more concentration. Perfect for Christmas afternoon when the parents are asleep in front of the TV!


Did you know?

Lego has been around for decades, founded in 1932 by a Danish carpenter, it's slowly transformed into one of the most popular toys on the planet! It derives from the Danish words 'LEg GOdt' (play well) which was later realised that in Latin the word means “I put together” - how fitting.

It's older than Monopoly and a staple in everyone's toybox which is why it is a faultless Christmas present!

3. Best Lego For Teens and Adults

If your kid is a whizz at Lego, then try and test him with an architectural version of the building blocks. This is only achieved by those that truly have an engineering brain that is the building blocks for their career as an architect or designer.


4. Best Gifts For The Lego Obsessed

If you're child is lego OBSESSED, then there's no doubt they'll absolutely love some lego themed merchandise. A Lego duvet will get your little one excited for bed time and give them lego dreams.

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LEGO Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set


5. Best Lego Essentials

Everyone needs plenty of lego to get started with. And once they have that, what better place to store your lego than with a Lego storage block? It'll make tidying up time fun and will prevent you from the stepping on loose pieces of Lego causing excruciating pain! This red one is designed to stack so you can use it to store other toys, clothes or whatever you like if you purchase multiple ones.