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The Best TV and Movie Screen Queens To Be Inspired By This Halloween

Image by: Netflix & Paramount Pictures

Looking for Halloween costume inspo? Look no further, as Westquay has got all the tips and guidance you need on how to dress like one of Halloween's best-loved female TV and Movie characters.

Our favourite thing about Halloween is, without a doubt, dressing up! It only comes by once a year and it's the excuse to go out into town and buy the most ludicrous and fantastic outfits to look 10/10 at all the fancy dress parties we've got planned. The outfits you can bet on seeing at your night out range from terrifying clowns and blow up pumpkins to saucy bunnies and DIY zombies, but there are ways to think outside the box and go for something a little cooler, wilder and wackier. That's when we turn to the screens...

We've been re-watching some of the ultimate Halloween TV and movie greats, from The Addams Family to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, to give us some serious throwback vibes and some fantastic inspiration for the 31st October.

We've handpicked some of our favourite on-screen heroines for you to dress up as, as well as some guidance on how to nail the outfit from the shops here at Westquay. Whether you want to go for a gothy witch or a y2k vampire slayer, we have everything you need to get best dressed for your Halloween night out. Check out some of our suggestions below...

How To Dress Like Scooby Doo's Heartthrob, Daphne Blake, For Hallowen

Jeepers! Daphne always serves y2k (year 2000) fierceness in her entirely purple attire. In fact, if you're not a fan of the doom and gloom of the go-to Halloween black coloured garments, purple is a super fun, bright Halloween colour alternative. If you feel like channelling some Daphne at your fancy dress party try some of these lilac, mauve and violet numbers...

How To Dress Like The Addam's Family rebel child, Wednesday, For Halloween

If you're looking for something a little high fashion, try Halloween's queen of chic, Wednesday Addams. It's a little Alexa Chung, don't you think? Always looking prim, proper and gothy with her perfectly-ironed white collars and black shift dresses, Wednesday looks fit to walk down the A/W runway - and it's an easy look to pull off! Here's how you can complete the Wednesday look at Westquay.

How To Dress Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer For Halloween

Hitting us with some more noughties clothes gems is the teenage classic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Think chokers, think diamantes, think leather jackets and think miniskirts. Buffy manages to simultaneously slay both her look and vampires- and it's uber cute. This is a fab opportunity to dig deep into the 00's archives on Instagram or Facebook and throw yourselves back to how you dressed 15 years ago. If you've thrown away those clothes (like most of us have) we've got the high street's noughtiest looking garms here at Westquay.

How To Dress Like Pirates of the Caribbean's Calypso For Halloween

Get into the Caribbean groove by going as the Sea Goddess that is Calypso. She's bewitching, enchanting, elusive and dangerous; the queen of potions and spells. Get your face makeup on, grab your beaded necklaces and a gypsy-style dress paired with a draped shawl for a terrifying Pirate look! We love the selection we've picked out below - it's something you could wear again for a summer barbecue or take on your beach holiday!

How To Dress as The Shining Twins For Halloween

If you're looking to dress up as a pair, go for scary clean sweep with Stephen King's terrifying twins! The twins have appeared in everyone's nightmares since Stanley Kubrick made the cult psychological thriller starring Jack Nicholson, so spook all your mates out by replicating them! Here is our budget way to look like the pair...

How To Dress Like Sabrina the Teenage Witch For Halloween

Time travel back to the 90's with a Sabrina the Teenage Witch outfit! If you're not into going all out fancy dress with face paint and all Sabrina is a fab excuse to dress hip and trendy for a throwback vibe. We're talking turtlenecks, high waisted trousers, leopard print cardis and glossy hair! Want to channel more of a Netflix Sabrina vibe? A Blonde bob wig and black headband will do the hard work for you. Witch-ever version you love, bring along a black cat toy to really complete the look. 

How To Dress Like Black Swan For Halloween

If you're looking for a bit of drama and elegance for your outfit, Natalie Portman's incredible performance as the Black Swan is your best option. She's hot, she's scary and she's theatrical which is a great excuse to get out your ballet moves as well as bring out the tutu, corset and face paint. Make it more swan like with a feather hairband or feather boa!