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How Do You Dress For A Work Christmas Party? Discover 2019's Best Office Appropriate Party Trends

Image by: New Look

From embellished mini dresses with refined tights to satin blouses with leather trousers, these are the best outfit combinations to wear for a work Christmas party. Available now at Westquay. 

Ah, the iconic work Christmas party. The classic night endlessly satirized in pop culture that seems to internationally follow the same formula: all of your work colleagues + an abundance of alcohol + jolly spirits = you and your workmates uniting over all seeing each other at a new level of christmassy chaos. While that may not be the exact pattern your company follows, your workplace is at least likely to have a Christmas party, in which case you’re in for a good time no matter what. As much as an office Christmas party is a time for bonding, it’s also the apt time to be going all out with our fashion choices. What else is this season about if not a great party outfit? Other than wholesome joy and love too, of course...

But for a lot of us ladies, the dilemma of what to wear for this event is heightened. Not just because the work Christmas party deems an occasion for dressy attire, but because it implies a level of modesty in our outfits - just enough to be appropriate for a work environment. Because nobody needs an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in front of all of their coworkers on account of a risqué deep plunge dress!

If you’re struggling with finding a party look that fits the bill for both the conservative and chic in equal measure, look no further. We’ve made an edit of our favourite 2019 party outfits that are appropriate for a work Christmas party but don’t hold back on their fashionable flair - just for you. From uber-smart trouser suits with a touch of shimmer to midi wrap dresses that feel feminine and dressy but won’t be out of place at the office, discover them all now.

1. Big Sleeve Mini Dress + Fun Tights

If you’re going to opt for a mini dress, make it one with sleeves - and if you’re going to do a sleeve, you may as well make it a big sleeve. We’re loving the long sleeve embellished dress from Next right now and, for a little panache, we adore the idea of a mini dress with a pair of pop-colour or patterned tights. Wear them with court heels and garnish with a pair of pearl earrings and voila: all we want for Christmas is to be you!

2. Satin Midi Dress and Heels

Any day can call for a midi dress… but a Christmas work party midi dress calls for a little more attitude. A satin midi is the perfect dress choice that will suit you elegantly but still work the curves with sheen in all the right places. Pair it with strappy sandals for a one-night-in-winter special appearance and accessorise with a pendant necklace. Get ready to rock those ruffles on the designated work party dance floor!

3. High Neck Blouse + Leather Trousers

The ultimate smart casual. We are living for organza tops as of late, and paired with leather trousers and a set of embellished mule heels you just can’t go wrong.

4. Trouser Suit

When you've got a meeting at 4, and an appointment with the dance floor at 10. This outfit is for those who favour professional-looking party-wear, but know how to substitute work-hard for play-hard. A satin suit set will make you the ultra-chic belle of the ball - especially with a pair of minimalist heels and dangly statement earrings to complete the look.