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The Best Ways To Treat Yourself On A Rainy Day

From soothing teas to cult-film DVD’s… these are the best ways to perk up your mood at home on an inevitable rainy day this season. 

Ah yes, March and April showers bring May flowers… but until the inevitable wrath of hayfever takes over our lives - accompanied by some delightful full-blossom florals and sunny weather - we must deal with all the rain that comes with the slow embrace of spring. 

Admittedly, the crying sky makes for a melancholic vibe, and the puddles preventing us from heading outdoors can feel pretty depressing… but, if you look at the cup half full, we see it as a fantastic opportunity for a pamper day. 

While ‘pamper’ may indicate the traditional ‘girly’ forms of self-care, we’re here to put forward the radical idea that treating yourself on a rainy day can go beyond the face masks and bath bombs of the modern world. In fact, there are loads of ways to treat yourself! Don’t let pampering become mundane or repetitive. It’s all about evoking the sense of comfort and home hygge. That could be anything for the yummy snacks that are the food equivalent of a warm hug, or the kinds of teas that cleanse the soul… or playing your favourite video game sat down with a hot water bottle. Ahh. No matter your chill rainy day apparatus of choosing, we’ve covered all the options to get you started. So now you can go forth into spring without fear, and if you step outside to an unpleasant soggy welcome, you’ll know what’s in store if you head back inside. 

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