As the days grow shorter and darker, and the weather grows even more miserable, it’s easy to retreat into the warmth. This is no time to start hibernating though – rather, along with a good diet, regular exercise and an active lifestyle are the key for combatting the seasonal ‘slump’. In the end, no matter how tempting your sofa looks, you’ll feel more energised and happier for it.

Nothing makes us feel more prepared for winter workouts than a fitness tracker or smart watch. If you’re a fully-fledged fitness obsessive, they’re brilliant for upping the ante and pushing you further. On the other hand, if you’re a confessed gym-phobe, it might just be what is needed to get you up and active! Either way, we also love them for following our sleep patterns (and ultimately helping us get a better night’s sleep) and tracking our periods.

Fitbit remains the biggest name in the fitness technology game, but when it comes to choosing the best match for your lifestyle, it can be a minefield. Do your workouts call for a heartbeat monitor, GPS and a waterproof design? Or would you rather a lifestyle companion to motivate healthier habits? Either way, there is a Fitbit perfect for you. Read on for a selection of the best women's sports watches and fitbits of 2019. Buy any one of these, and you’ll be digging out your sports bra and booking that yoga class asap, we guarantee it!