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All Hail 2020's Coolest Footwear Trend: The Commando Sole

Image by: New Look

Built for rough terrains, but made to be worn with a killer outfit, the commando sole is the new trend for shoes that stands to attention. Find the best picks for commando sole shoes and how to wear them, right here at West Quay Shopping.

ATTENTION! Sorry, we didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just that this footwear trend commands it. 

With the recent resurgence in militia influence in fashion, and 2018-2019’s utility obsession, it’s only right that some more soldierly-style shone through into this year. Bringing us to our new favourite thing to stomp around in: commando sole shoes. You may know them better as combat, military or army boots, but whatever your preference their impact remains the same. Not only are these sturdy shoes a saviour for any of the ‘rough terrains’ you may encounter in your day to day, this tough trending sole blends kawaii, grunge and utility style into one easy to wear shoe. So naturally, along with this obsession, we’re keen to explore how we can take these shoes as far as possible. And spoiler alert: they fit in fabulously in practically any outfit.

From floral or knit maxi dresses to smart trousers, these shoes suit everything. Just to prove it, we've put together a few outfits with this stellar shoe, to show it's versatility and hopefully give you some 2020 inspiration. Salute!

Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself.

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Cosy, oversized layers only #winterblues #ootd ❄

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With a maxi dress

Soften up your sturdy soles with a feminine block shade maxi, or a winter floral dress. Or- toughen your sweet dress up with a pair of commando shoes. Which ever way you think of it, or whatever order you put your clothes on, these Marks & Spencers heeled hiking boots will be the ying to your dress's yang. And vice versa, of course.

With jeans

From our intense research and many at-home try-on sessions, we've discovered the tailoring of a straight leg or a pair of mom jeans is the best fit for these kinds of shoes and boots. Pair them with a half-zip knit jumper for a relaxed look, or go for a puff sleeve top if you want to dress it up.

With a mini skirt

Of course, since it's still winter time, this outfit comes with a recommended dose of 30-70 denier tights, but if you can bare the cold on a night out with your bare skin - we applaud you. Either way, commando soles are a great way to complete a cute-casual outfit with a mini skirt either paired with a mesh sequin going-out top or a oversized sleeve jumper to feel cosy in.

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With smart trousers

Who says commando can't be corporate? Well, as long as your office approves, this shoe is the ultimate cool-girl/boss-chick complement to a pair of peg trousers and a shirt.