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Pirate Pasties

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As old as the pirates themselves the humble harmony of succulent beef, chopped vegetables and crumbly pastry has become one of Cornwall’s most iconic symbols. Popular in the past with miners due to its handy shape with inbuilt ‘handle’ (the crimped crust was for holding and then throwing away, so the miners’ dirty hands didn’t contaminate their meal) and ability to hold its heat for several hours. Today, you don’t need to go down a mine to enjoy a pasty and its the perfect food whatever the weather – be it a wintry afternoon, or a summer’s evening.

Their Award Winning Cornish pasties are handmade daily by their band of Landlubbers. Each pasty is made to our hundred year old secret recipe, and uses only the finest ingredients possible, we also have possibly the best sausage roll in the world, made to a special family recipe our Wheal Rose sausage roll is a meal in itself"

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