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Opening Times

  1. Mon - 2021-04-11T12:00:00+00:00 - 2021-04-11T22:00:00+00:00
  2. Tue - 2021-04-11T10:00:00+00:00 - 2021-04-11T22:00:00+00:00
  3. Wed - 2021-04-11T10:00:00+00:00 - 2021-04-11T22:00:00+00:00
  4. Thu - 2021-04-11T10:00:00+00:00 - 2021-04-11T22:00:00+00:00
  5. Fri - 2021-04-11T12:00:00+00:00 - 2021-04-11T22:00:00+00:00
  6. Sat - 2021-04-11T12:00:00+00:00 - 2021-04-11T22:00:00+00:00
  7. Sun - 2021-04-11T12:00:00+00:00 - 2021-04-11T22:00:00+00:00


Zizzi is offering takeaway and delivery only. Please check their website for opening hours.

All Zizzi restaurants are run the Italian way, with personality and theatre. The open kitchens with their wood-stone ovens are a real feature where you can watch dishes being freshly prepared. There’s nothing complicated about the Zizzi approach to cooking and it starts with the ingredients. Our Italian restaurant serves tasty, authentic dishes from pizza and pasta to salads and indulgent desserts – all in a uniquely designed restaurant.

 Turn up the Zizzi this summer with our new summer specials. From our new crayfish risotto with a twist, to our colourful rainbow gnocchi and our indulgent honeycomb cheesecake, our new dishes are packed with flavour and perfect for the summer!

 Zizzi have an extensive vegetarian, vegan and non-gluten menu offering as well as a kids menu.

023 9217 5056