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09/02 - 18/02

The Festival of Light

This event has expired!

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Join us for the Festival of Light on the Esplanade from 9th – 18th February.

We’re bringing back the breath-taking digital projections on to the city walls but with a brand new look, starting at 6pm each day and running throughout the evening.

Take a walk through the Esplanade and see the amazing light installations including Bloom, hundreds of light spheres that change colour in audiovisual symphony. There’ll also be ‘Heofon’, a maze based on triangular geometry and changing colours.

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Further Info

'Heofon' Light Maze
Photography by Chris Kleinman.

An immerse light installation. A hypnotic experience, an infinity of transparency and reflection, hence the name Heofon, the old English word for ‘Heavens’. The installation consists of a maze based on a triangular geometry and built of 23 x 2.20m high panels of acrylic glass.


A projection mapping set in a mystical forest, that explores the extensive folklore found within Southampton and the wider Hampshire area. Taking a magical and enlightening journey through the New Forest and beyond.

We Wink, We Wink, our Voices Blink
we wink
Photography by

The voice of the forest beacons in your hands. Sounds inspired by the New Forest sing out, wink and blink from our sensual, dangling orbs. As your hands and body come near, your movement shifts and sculpts the light and sound. You stretch it, twist it, you even feel it vibrate: you duet with the radiant voices of the trees.

Photography by Anthony Rowe/Squidsoup

Five hundred spheres of light, each on a stalk and bobbing gently in the wind, fill a large clearing. The lights visualise waves of energy flowing across the space; acting in synchronicity, creating changes in ambience, choreographed patterns of light enveloping the space. 



llumaphonium is a dynamic and interactive, multi-sensory, music-making installation – the first of its kind. The multi-player musical sculpture stands at a height of 3.5m and consists of more than a hundred illuminated chime bars. Each of these chimes respond to touch, with ever-changing patterns of light and sound.


The Esplanade, Westquay South 
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