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10/02 - 19/02

Festival of Light

This event has expired!

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Sitting in front of the city walls is the new Esplanade, a fantastic event space and public realm.

We’re bringing back the breath-taking digital projections on to the city walls but with a brand new look, starting at 5pm each day and running throughout the evening. Watch out for our special projection on 14th February… 

Take a walk through the Esplanade and see the amazing light installations including Fire and Ice, where you will be able to control each of the forces as it tracks your body movements. There’ll also be giant container illuminated arches you can walk through, an interactive ocean of light and giant LED stars! 

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Back by popular demand! Enjoy a special showing of the History of Southampton light projection every night at 6pm from Thursday until Sunday!

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‘Fire and Ice’ by Cinimod Studio


Cinimod Studio have created an interactive art installation inspired by the well-known poem ‘Fire and Ice’ by Robert Frost. The installation presents the public with the opportunity to assume the personified role of either the fire or ice element, and in doing so, the viewer becomes an integral performer within the piece.

Presented in an epic landscape format, the two opposing elements react to gestures of the public. With the increased movement of the viewer, the ferocity of the fire and the glacial blizzard of the ice become more pronounced. Each person can gesture the fire towards the ice and vice versa, triggering an explosive real-time transition of fire and ice particle simulations.

‘Ocean of Light: Submergence’ by Squidsoup


Ocean of Light: Submergence is a highly evocative outdoor installation artwork by digital artists Squidsoup. The piece uses over 12,000 individually controlled lights suspended in space to create an immersive walkthrough volume of light that responds to your presence. It is an unforgettable and very striking experience; beguiling from afar and stunning from within; transforming physical space into a hybrid environment where virtual and real worlds coincide.

‘Light Form’ by QED productions and NOVAK



'Light Form' is a large scale audio-visual artwork influenced by patterns created in marine nature. This fluid and abstract form takes on many evolving guises of texture and colour, creating a mesmerising and ambient display of projected light on to Southampton’s old town walls.

QED Productions will bring Light Form to life using state-of-the-art high power projection technology, transforming the City's ancient wall and the Esplanade with light and sound.

‘Containers’ by Terraform


An immersive installed environment of illumination and containers.

Terraform, have created an installation titled ‘Containers’ in which the visitor's immersive walk-through of the illuminated forms takes in arches, tunnels and echoes of dockside cranes. Progress through the installation references industrial shapes, yellow zone markings and multi-coloured light.
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