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24/05 - 02/06

Yoga In The Urban Treehouse

This event has expired!

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DYNAMIC YOGA - 27th May, 30th May and 2nd June from 5.30pm

Join Benedita for this energising dynamic class with medium intensity to increase strength, flexibility, balance and let go of the daily stress. You will sweat and detoxify the body and mind. The movements are combined with Ujjayi breath that heats up the inside of our body, brings the mind to focus on breathing and helps us to ease into challenging parts of the class or poses. 

ZEN YOGA- 24th May,25th May, 26th May, 29th May and 1st June from 5.30pm

Join Bridget for an introduction to a Zen Yoga Springtime Sequence. Following Traditional Chinese Medicine we use hatha yoga poses to work the Liver and Gallbladder energy lines to encourage a sense of balance. Imbalances manifest as anger, frustration and irritability so we work to bring in harmony and acceptance to the mind and body during this season of regrowth and renewal. This session includes breathing practices to help you get better sleep and qigong which is mindful movement similar to tai chi. Sessions are suitable to all levels as several adaptions to poses are offered.


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Please note you must RSVP to the session you wish to attend to be able to participate, there are limited spaces available for each session


The Urban Treehouse, The Espalande, Westquay South
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