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men's groming

How much do you think the global male grooming industry is worth? $1 billion? Nope. It’s actually a whopping $50 bn. Proving that it’s high time those of us who still swear by caveman-esque self-care woke up and smelled the glycolic facial cleanser.

men's grooming

At the core of any grooming routine is a simple two-step process: wash and moisturise. Once in the morning and once at night, cleanse your face with warm water and face wash, then follow with moisturiser to keep your skin looking bright and free from dry, flaky skin. Every second day, swap your face wash for a gentle exfoliating scrub. This will help unclog pores, shift dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. Nice one.

For an extra boost to your boat race, use a face mask once a week. In as little as 10 minutes, one of these bad boys will not only help cleanse your skin, but hydrate and smooth it too. Use a cream mask if you have dry skin, a clay or mud mask if you’re prone to spots or a natural mask containing soothing ingredients if you have sensitive skin.

Try these: (left to right) For Men Maca Root Face Wash, £8.50, The Body Shop; Dermot O'Leary Face Scrub, 75ml, £7.50, Marks and Spencer; Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask, 100ml, £11, The Body Shop; For Men Maca Root Energetic Face Protector, 100ml, £11, The Body Shop

men's grooming

Sporting facial fuzz? Then keep yours lubed up, because even in summer men can suffer from dry, itchy beards that lead to dandruff. For silky smooth whiskers, apply a few drops of quality beard oil once a day after washing your face, to help moisturise facial hair and the skin beneath.

Oh, and don’t forget to arm yourself with a decent all-in-one trimmer too. Not just good for shaving your face, you can also use these all-rounder gadgets to tackle hair down below. (Because you should, you know.)

Try these: (left to right) American Crew Beard Serum, 50ml, £12.95, John Lewis; BaByliss For Men 7895U I-Stubble, £30, John Lewis

men's grooming

You might think your pheromones are all you need to attract bedmates, but you’d be wrong. Instead, spritz a fresh fragrance to have the girl (or guy) in your crosshair scrambling to get closer.

And make sure you cop yourself a grooming set complete with tweezers, facial hair scissors and manicure tools. Remember: you can’t spell manicure without man.

Try these: (left to right) Dior Sauvage EDT, 60ml, £52, The Perfume Shop; Tweezerman G.E.A.R Essential Grooming Kit, £32, John Lewis

men's grooming

Last but not least, sunscreen! If you’re a total sun-worshipper then that’s cool - just don’t let your love for the big ball in the sky burn (literally, that is). Slather on SPF 30 to save yourself coming up a nice shade of lobster red. If you’re pale and/or freckly, or if the sun is particularly strong, then it’s got to be SPF 50.

Or save your skin and fake it instead. From face bronzers to gradual tan moisturisers, there’s a whole range of self-tan products formulated specifically for men to get their glow on.

Try these: (left to right) Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF 35 PA +++, 50ml, £37, John Lewis; Ultra Defence Spray SPF50+ 200ml, £12, Marks and Spencer.

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