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Why we love Click & Collect

Click & collect: how did we ever survive without you? While we all love the convenience of online shopping, utilising Westquay to ensure you can pick up your wares at a time that suits YOU – now that’s proper zero-hassle shopping. We want to make sure you’re making the most of our services, so for the ultimate shopping trip that’s even more convenient, easy and enjoyable, step this way.

  1. Shop anywhere
    We’ve all mastered the art of multi-tasking shopping: from your sofa while catching up on Gogglebox; on the treadmill while notching up a 5K run; sipping a beer while checking your watch for that always-late mate. Whether you’re trying to get your Christmas presents sorted or treating yourself to those trainers you just can’t stop thinking about, we have plenty of options to make collecting your purchases as quickly and easy as ordering them.

  2. Head out at anytime
    With no worry of a ‘sorry you weren’t home’ card sitting on your doorstep, head into Westquay  when you fancy: perhaps 9am once you’ve dropped off the kids at school, or post-work at 7pm on a Thursday after heading home first to freshen up.

  3. Take your pick
    We’ve given you a handy list of every retailer at Westquay that offers click & collect services below – but it doesn’t stop there. With Collect+ and Amazon lockers, you can broaden your shopping to include any brand that takes your fancy, safe in the knowledge that you can pick it up from us whenever it suits you. And if your items aren’t quite right, those late-night opening hours come in handy for last-minute returns after work.

  4. Add your accessories 
    Better still, when you choose to order online and get it delivered to Westquay, it means you can have extra time to leisurely wander round our shops to find those all-important accessories or extra gifts, smiling as you go knowing you’ve already sorted the main item. Say bye bye to last minute shopping-induced stress!

  5. And, relax…
    Once you’re done, you could even make the most of our eateries and finish your shop off with a well-deserved glass of wine or a delicious dinner. All that’s left to do is sit back and relax, knowing you’ve defied your busy schedule and managed to master modern-day shopping. After all, we think you deserve it, don’t you?


Click & Collect at Westquay: John Lewis, M&S and Next

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