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Amazon Hub

Our Amazon Hub is located on level 4 next to the toilet facilities.

Toilet Facilities

Toilets are located on Level 4, 3 & P2. A toilet for everyone is also located on level P2. Please note the toilets on Level 3 are currently out of use.

For more information on family and baby change facilities click here.

Free WiFi Select ‘The Cloud’ from your network list and follow the instructions to connect. Or for a stronger connection, download the Fastconnect mobile app (available for both iOS and Android). The app allows you to stay connected as you move from place to place, connecting you automatically to thousands of free hotspots whenever they are available.   


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  Safe Place Scheme Westquay is a part of the Safe Place scheme. The Safer places scheme is part of a wider 'Respect me' campaign which aims to improve the experience of disabled people in the community. Despite several recent well publicised cases, some disabled people are still victims of bullying and harassment when they go out. Often, this leaves them feeling very vulnerable and afraid.

A ‘Safer Place’ is an ordinary business or shop that has agreed to offer support if someone has a negative experience when out in their local community. A person can enter the premises and receive help in contacting a trusted person, or the Police if they have been the victim of a crime. The venue provides a safe place for the person to wait for their trusted person, or the Police, to arrive.

People are invited to complete a card which the shops recognise. It gives their name and the number of someone they trust who can be contacted. Locally you can get a card from the Police or by phoning 023 8083 4854.

This map shows all the Safer Places in Southampton and it is updated regularly.

The Safer Place scheme was launched by Southampton City Council in partnership with Hampshire County Council, Southampton Learning Disability Partnership Board and Hampshire Constabulary.

It is open to anyone who feels vulnerable when they are out in the city. There are other similar schemes operating around the country.